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We at Calm our mind want to inspire change and improve your quality of life. In order to achieve it, we look at therapy to help people deal with issues that are hard to face alone. This informational repository created by us would provide you with information on the types of Art therapy that can help you deal with mental health issues calmly and creatively.


Painting art therapy


In art therapy, the term painting therapy which describes both the act and the result of the action the final work is called "a painting

Positivity is essential to maintain good health 
There have been numerous studies conducted by researchers on the interlinkages between mental health and overall physical health.


How To Avoid Depression To Enjoy Daily Life
Depression affects how people think, feel, and act. It can also impact physical health and other aspects of a person’s life
Art therapy - The how and why of it!!
Art is a form to express your inner self. Art theraphy is taking the scope of art to understand .  

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