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Positivity is essential to maintain good health

“Health isn’t just about what you eat.

It’s about what you are thinking and feeling too.”

There have been numerous studies conducted by researchers on the interlinkages between mental health and overall physical health. It has been established that a positive thinker can maintain or have lower risk of serious illness and have improved immunity.

Positivity oftentimes difficult but is not hard to achieve. Here is our checklist to help you achieve a positive mindset with the following key traits:

· Avoid Negative Thinking

· Focused on positive and be patient

· Be positive for ever

Avoid Negative Thinking

1. Try to map the occurrence of negative thoughts which might occur in a certain situation and mood. This would help you avoid a similar situation.

Focused on positive and be patient

By Practice you can turn on negative thinking to positive, the process could be simple but it takes lot of effort and time

These are some ways where you can change yourself to form new habits through which you can stay more positive.

Steps to a positive mindset:

1. First identify event and situations where you can think negatively. This could be home, work place or a relationship and start focusing to change or approach in a more positive way.

2. Try to check yourself when your thought is mainly negative and try to put yourself in a positive frame to move forward

3. Daily exercise is a must to help you achieve a healthy life style. Exercise acts as a stress relief and help you towards a positive way of interaction.

4. Surround yourself with good company, this can help you stay positive as the people around you affect your mental state the most.

5. Develop this practice of Positivity in your daily life. Encourage yourself to stay true to this path.

Be positive for ever

1. Recognize and appreciate (Recollect) the good that has happened in your life. Practice gratitude to fill your heart with all the goodness around you.

2. Build your confidence to stay true to your path. This can work to help you deal with stress, depression and anxiety.

3. Practice mindfulness, this helps you to look forward to a positive experience and feelings which can greatly improve your quality of life.

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